About us

RB-Investor is a limited liability company according to German law.  RB-Investor is a service provider for investments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA and Russia.

RB-Investor is operating directly with own money and as consulting house in cooperation with and for partners.

The foundation of RB-Investor is based on a more than 20-year-old enterprise experience in the above-mentioned markets.

RB-Investor is offering founding, selling, fixing, merging and – if needed – liquidations of companies. In addition, RB-Investor is supporting financing, accountancy and management of companies and investment. RB-Investor is working as consultant and as managing company by taking over parts of the daily business operations or the organization in total.

RB-Investor is not limited on a specific branch – during the past years the most different mandates were perceived: Russian investors (in the furniture industry with investments in Switzerland) or American finance institutions (in the engagement in Russia) or German medium-sized companies (by financing in the USA) or own investments in the bauxite processing have been served quite successfully.